At Black Country Skip Hire, we recognise that the cost of renting a skip can be a source of anxiety for our customers, particularly those planning a lawn clean-up or home repair. “Is hiring a skip expensive?” is a question we get a lot, so we wanted to talk about the answer and share some of our best suggestions for saving money on skip hire.

The cost of renting a skip is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • The size of the skip you select;
  • How long do you require the skip;
  • Which skip rental firm do you use?

As a result, the price of skip hire services vary depending on the customer and project. Larger skips are more expensive to rent, but if you’re a homeowner in need of a two or four cubic yard skip, your rental costs will be much lower.

When considering whether or not to hire a skip, you should think about your options and how much they might cost. If you run a construction company, for example, and don’t separate and recycle your waste in accordance with environmental standards, you could face steep fines. Filling up your car and driving back and forth to your local household recycling centre could cost you money if you’re a homeowner who needs to dispose of household waste.

These are all things to consider when determining how much a skip will cost you and whether it is the most cost-effective garbage disposal choice. In many cases, it will be the most cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally responsible option.

Also when hiring a skip it’s important that you make the company aware of what waste you will be putting in the skip, as some things are prohibited. Make sure that before putting any class f fire extinguishers into the skip they are emptied before (due to them being pressurised) or you could simply recycle the fire extinguisher if it’s rom your business.

That isn’t to suggest that you can’t save money on skip hire. Here are a few pointers to help you get started:


Paying close attention to the skip size you hire might help you save a lot of money. You’ll have to pay for extra collections if you hire a skip that’s too small for your needs. Alternatively, if you hire a skip that is too large, you will end up paying more than you need to. Take a look at our skip hire website for help if you’re not sure what size skip you’ll need.


There may be more than one skip hire company in your area, so get a few quotes to discover which service is the most cost-effective. Gathering and comparing quotations from two to three skip providers lets you to determine which rates are realistic and which are excessively expensive, allowing you to pick a cost-effective solution.


Tipping-by-the-tonne services are another option to investigate. For consumers who need to dispose of domestic rubbish but don’t want a full skip, this is a cost-effective alternative to skip hire. If even the smallest skip offered is too big for your needs, contact us to learn more about our tip-by-the-tonne services.

So, how much does it cost to hire a skip?

As previously said, it is dependent on a number of circumstances. Skip hire doesn’t have to be expensive if you do your homework and get services from a reputable firm.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to learn more about our cost-effective and environmentally friendly skip hire services. We’re proud of our professional Bilston rubbish management services and low prices!